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How long will it take to replace my glass?

For most vehicles it will take between 1 and 2 hours to complete the process of replacing a glass in your vehicle.  In addition to this almost all windshields and back glasses glue in and therefore will require at least an additional 1 hour for the urethane adhesive to dry enough so the vehicle is safe to drive.  Almost all vehicles 1980 or newer can have the work completed in one day.

Does my glass have to be ordered and how long will it be before I can get it fixed?

Shane Burk Auto Glass stocks the top 50 selling pieces of auto glass for same day service, but we can get glass overnight from both the Dallas and the Oklahoma City warehouses for most vehicles on the road.  So we can typically have a replacement glass by the next day and can usually complete the work that same day after the glass comes in.

Will it leak water or air if I have it replaced?

No, Shane Burk Auto Glass replaces thousands of pieces of auto glass every year in Southwest Oklahoma and of those less than 0.014(14 per 1000) have a callback problem.  Those few that do are fixed promptly. 
Unfortunately of the estimated 14 million pieces of auto glass that are replaced in the United States each year, millions of those are replaced improperly and need to be completely redone to fix the problem.  Those millions of improperly replaced windows have caused a major black eye for the industry causing people to feel like they cannot have their glass replaced without problems.  Shane Burk Auto Glass hopes you will use the information on our website to find the "best" shop for you.

Will the new glass look and be the same after I have it replaced?

Yes,  Shane Burk Auto Glass only uses quality replacement auto glass.  What this means is that it has been made to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.  In general automobile manufactures do not make their own glass for their vehicles.  They contract with glass manufacturers to make the glass to their specifications.  Shane Burk Auto Glass installs glass from these same glass manufacturers.

Why do I have to let the vehicle sit after you have finished working on it?​

Auto Glass must meet Federal standards in the event of a crash.  In order to meet these standards the adhesives used must have time to cure properly.  Recently installed glass that has not been allowed to cure properly is unsafe and may not stay bonded to the vehicle in the event of a wreck.  A vehicle being driven can also lead to water and air leaks around newly install glass.

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