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Glass insurance Claims In Duncan

Insurance Claim Questions

Do I have to get estimates to turn in to my insurance company?

If you choose to use Shane Burk Auto Glass there is no need to drive around getting estimates.  We have prearranged pricing already established with insurance companies.  All you need to do is call or come by with your policy information and we will be glad to help you get your claim setup.  If you do choose to talk to your agent or call the "800" number just tell them that Shane Burk Auto Glass will be doing your glass work and they will forward the claim information to us. glass insurance claims in Duncan windshield replacement cost

Some insurance companies use a third party company to take your claim information when you call an 800 number.  These third party companies often also own retail glass shops and may try to steer you to their shop.  Always insist on Shane Burk Auto Glass.  We are 100% compliant with all insurance company requirements.  DO NOT LET THESE THIRD PARTY COMPANIES BULLY YOU!!  You are not talking to an employee of your insurance company.
If you are ever told that another glass shop will be doing the work instead please call and let us know immediately.  We will stand up for your rights and your insurance company needs to know how these companies are treating you.

Will filing a claim make my insurance premiums go up?

Filing a comprehensive glass claim is not the same as filing as collision claim.  When your glass gets broke by a rock or vandalism you are not a increased risk to your insurance company.  Collision claims are typically what will make one individuals premiums increase.
If you are not going to use glass coverage when you need it then why pay for the premiums?  Millions of glass claims are filed each year in the United States.  Do not be afraid to use your glass policy.

My insurance has an "800" number for me to call for glass or I press a certain number for "glass only" claims, am I still talking to my insurance company?

In almost all of these cases you are being transferred to a third party, also known as a glass network, and they are NOT your insurance company.  The largest two of these companies are LYNX Services and SGC Network.  You will end up talking to one of these two companies even though it will appear you are speaking to your insurance company.

These companies are looking out for their best interest and how they can profit the most.  Do not let them bully you.  You are the customer and you need to tell them who you want to do your work.

Don't be confused by names like Blue RIbbon Glass program, Glass Claims Central, Help Point, FasGlass, just to name a few.  You have been handed off to a third party that may own its own retail glass shops and try to steer you to these shops for their own best interest.

I called my insurance company and they did not give me Shane Burk Auto Glass as an approved shop, why not?

In a few rare instances we have had customers report that a insurance company, either said Shane Burk Auto Glass was not on their approved list or that when they listed approved glass shops Shane Burk Auto Glass was not in the list.
If you ever have someone tell you we are not approved please get the name of the representative you are speaking with and CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.  You are not talking to your insurance company.  When you selected a "glass only claim"  you were transferred to a company that handles glass claims for several insurance companies.  They are most likely trying to steer you to a shop they own for their own benefit.  We will deal with them if you let us know.
If you are given a list of shops to choose from, please request us by name instead.  Sometimes when you are doing a glass claim on your own they will just read the first three shops from the list and ask you to choose.  These are not your only choses, they are just who came up at the top for your phone call.  You have the right to choose who does your glass work.

What is a deductible?

Your deductible is the amount you are responsible to pay us when we complete the work.  Any additional cost over that amount is what we will bill your insurance company for.
Make sure you don't confuse your collision deductible with your comprehensive deductible!  You may have a $500.00 collision deductible and only have a $100.00 glass(comprehensive) deductible.  We will be glad to help you verify your correct deductible with no obligation to you. 

Do I have to call my insurance company to file a claim?​

That varies by insurance company, but Shane Burk Auto Glass can always help you with your glass claim.  We can always call them from our office and assist you with setting up your claim.  All you have to do is bring in your policy number and most times it will take less than 10 minutes to complete the glass claims process.