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We can also recalibrate the safety systems for your vehicle after we replace your windshield.  Shane Burk Glass only uses windshields that are guaranteed to work properly with your ADAS systems and we use AUTEL ADAS MaxiSys to setup the recalibration of your vehicle.  We have two trained and certified technicians on our team that will make sure everything is calibrated to factory (OEM) specifications.


Night Vision 

Rain Sensor(Automatic Wipers)

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Shane Burk Glass can replace your windshield without you having to worry about losing any of your features.
Common VALUE Added features that your windshield may have. 

  • Radio Antenna in the glass
  • Rain Sensor for automatic wipers
  • Lane Departure Warning System

Correct windshield installation in essential to the safety of everyone in the vehicle.  The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards(FMVSS) has three different laws specific to correct auto glass installation procedures.  When you need your next windshield know that Shane Burk Glass meets or exceeds are laws and safety procedures regarding correct auto glass installation.

Windshield Replacement 

Windshields are 2 pieces of glass laminated together with a PVB lamination between them.
When windshields are struck with something and break the PVB in the middle is designed to help hold the broken glass together as well as keeping the striking object from penetrating though and injuring you inside the car.  This PVB also serves as a safety barrier in a collision since it will help keep the vehicle occupants from being ejected as well as helping the windshield support the roof integrity to keep it from collapsing.

Windshield Replacement